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Teaser Thumbnail Title card for OIT All Staff Meeting on September 27.

OIT All Staff - September 2022 - Ask Me Anything

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In this recording of the OIT All Staff meeting which took place on September 27, 2022, Director and CMS Chief Information Officer (CIO) Rajiv Uppal, Deputy Director Bobby Saxon, Deputy Director & Deputy CIO George Hoffmann, and CMS Chief Technology Officer George Linares respond to a variety of questions asked by meeting participants.



Updates on the email migration.


Why are we spending money remodeling sections of the building given remote-first posture?


Will the OIT Fall Picnic happen in 2023?


Rajiv, how long do you plan to be here as OIT CIO?


What is the Front Office's opinion about promoting from within the agency instead of hiring externally?


Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks?


What are we doing in terms of CMS Connect and PlanetOIT?


Is there any contradiction between Rajiv's vision for OIT and certain groups wanting to do things their own way?

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