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Teaser Thumbnail 2023 Rajiv Retrospective Abbreviated Edition title card

Rajiv Uppal Looks Back in New Retrospective Video

Video URL

Take a front row seat for a conversation between Director and CMS Chief Information Officer (CIO) Rajiv Uppal, and Deputy Director & Deputy CIO George Hoffmann, where they discuss the OIT journey. Use the timestamps below to jump to specific sections of the conversation. 


00:00:06 The Journey so Far: The Cloud, Providing a Pleasant Experience, Having a Bias Towards Action

00:01:33 How has a bias towards action led to a culture of experimentation?

00:03:13 How are we collecting new ideas from our colleagues to drive increased improvement?

00:03:44 How has our commitment to providing a pleasant experience shaped our outreach and collaboration approach with potential partners?

00:05:07 How has collaboration improved between groups? 

00:06:58 How does workforce resilience help drive collaboration and the focus on the customer and partners?

00:08:53 How can leadership succeed in empowering OIT? 

00:09:49 Does OIT leadership want to be involved in my journey and ideas, and how can I reach out to share my thoughts?

00:10:48 Why is DEI important to the future of OIT?

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