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CISO Forum: Ask Me Anything - January 2023

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Wondering about the threat landscape for 2023, what a frictionless customer experience looks like for security, and the CISO perspective on ChatGPT?

Find all this and more in January 2023’s CISO Forum Ask Me Anything session with Director of ISPG and Chief Information Security Officer Rob Wood and Deputy Director of ISPG Frank Domizio.

Click below to watch the video or use the timestamp list to go directly to questions that interest you.


00:01:27 Would it be beneficial for us to bring our established systems to the batCAVE platform?

00:05:48 What is your most important success metric that you use to manage your year?

00:08:43 What are your biggest concerns from a threat-landscape perspective in 2023?

00:11:22 Regarding isolated environments; How do we know that systems we’re exchanging files with 1) have their own isolated environments, and 2) if we discover a system is compromised, what do we do?

00:16:39 Is there a concern of having to meet increasing levels of protection but with fewer financial and human resources, and what must CISOs do to keep up?

00:21:59 What is CMS’s plan for moving IPv4 to IPv6?

00:22:53 What are your thoughts on making sure contract owners cover enough FTEs to keep things balanced, or how will AI help reduce the percentage of human interaction required in the future? 00:27:13 Thoughts on security with ChatGPT?

00:34:31 Thank you for the transparency / CISO Forum feedback.

00:35:43 Do you have any recommendations for guidance or standard practices on vulnerability management on containers?

00:38:38 How is IPSG creating a more frictionless customer experience, and what can customers from the business-side look forward to from the perspective of security?

00:43:57 As a business customer, what can I expect from ISPG changes? How can ISPG help optimize my security experience?

00:46:22 Are there any costs to a business owner to utilize the batCAVE?

00:47:04 Where do recordings of CISO Forums get shared?

00:47:37 Many agencies have an issue with data destruction once data retention schedules expire. How is CMS ensuring data is being destroyed in a timely manner?

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